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Wendy Empremo specializes in skin, solo and song in one way or another, and not necessarily in that order.

The nearly 50-year-old Empremo is a brand partner with Young Living, a company that manufactures and sells essential oils. She is also a singles leader at Central Baptist Church, and works at radio station KBJS in Jacksonville, where she is the office manager and assistant chief of operations. No, she is not a singer but makes sure other people enjoy the sound of music.

Her association with the radio station began in 2014, when she brought some essential oils to a disc jockey working there at the time. Impressed by the atmosphere there, he began volunteering and was then hired as an office manager. She worked part-time for a while, as one of her other roles was homeschooling her nephew.

“I homeschooled David until he was 16,” she said, “but started working part-time at a radio station during his last three years of school.”

For the past two years, Empremo has been learning to download and upload programs under the direction of station manager Randy Featherston and director of operations John Paul Little. Bob Shivri is the owner of the station.

As the singles leader at Central Baptist Church, she coordinates activities for the church’s singles ministry.

“The biggest part is helping find other singles to plan activities with the group, community outreach, study God’s word,” Empremo said. “We also have a Bible study for singles every Thursday night from 6 to 8, which I lead. We have a light dinner and study. We often have singles (men and women) from other churches attending. We also attend singles retreats every Labor Day.

“I want people who are single to understand that singlehood is not a disease,” she said. “Regardless of your marital status, God has a purpose for your life.”

As a brand partner with Young Living, Empremo has been promoting the use of quality essential oils for over twelve years.

“Most people are now understanding the importance of not using harsh chemicals in cleaning and personal care products,” she said. “Pure essential oils are very healthy for us.

“Not only do they contain harsh chemicals, but they are beneficial for the body and skin. God made oils and they are good for moisturizing the skin and aiding in relaxation. They help with our physical and emotional well-being.”

For example, he told about the benefits of lavender oil.

“When you inhale, you find it helps with relaxation. Some diffuse it to help with sleep. It can help with skin irritations. It helps me breathe better ( especially during allergy season), so my sinuses don’t rebel when I go outside,” she said.

Empremo was very careful to explain that she and many other brand partners are not pharmacists, so they are not prescribing essential oils as medicine, but prescribing and praising the value of oils are two different things. Huh.

“For example, Young Living has a Vitality line that is designed for ingestion of certain oils, such as peppermint oil that can be used to aid digestion,” she said.

Peppermint oil has long been prescribed by medical practitioners for that purpose, but it can be purchased over the counter, so its readiness defines its common use, making a prescription unnecessary.

Again and again, Empremo teaches an oil of ancient scripture class, detailing oils used in biblical times and denoted in scripture.

“We start with Genesis 1 and the holy anointing oil,” he said. “We focus on twelve oils, ten of which I have for people to use. We talk about where they are mentioned in the scriptures; What are they intended for and what have they been used for historically.

“There’s a lot of science backed by scripture: how oils benefit us emotionally, physically and spiritually,” she said. “We end class by sharing the gospel and recognizing how God is worthy of our praise; How well life works the way He designed it and how wonderful our Creator is.”

Emprimo began a major lifestyle change three and a half years ago, following a trip to Urgent Care. He found that her blood pressure was stroke level and her blood glucose/AIC was very high. After seeing a holistic nurse practitioner in Tyler, she began a low-carb diet with intermittent fasting, and now her blood pressure is normal and her AIC has dropped from a 10.9 level to her latest reading of 5.7.

Along the way, she’s shed significant weight, but admits that’s a plus, but not the original goal.

“The main thing we focused on was reducing blood pressure and AIC,” she said. She recognizes that she’ll probably need to stay on the same healthy track for the rest of her life, but she’s grown accustomed to the lifestyle.

“The first two weeks were like I think anybody feels when they’re coming off drugs,” she said. “But once the sugar is out of your system, you no longer have that craving.” When she craves something sweet nowadays, though, she uses monk fruit, a sugar substitute she buys from a health food store in Tyler.

Empremo said she wants to do all she can to honor God, whether it’s in her work, her solo ministry, or in her role as a brand partner with Young Living Essential Oils.

“I feel that I am doing what God wants me to do. I want to do the best I can to glorify Him. I would like to continue teaching more classes, learning and growing through that,” she said.


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