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Robin Smith, MD, is a practicing physician, entrepreneur, business leader, author, and philanthropist who lives in New York City, where she grew up.

Her extensive list of both leadership and philanthropic involvement includes both the Sanford Health International Board and Board of Trustees, with which she has been involved since 2016.

Dr. Smith first met Sanford Health and its leaders through a shared interest in stem cell therapy and the new opportunities it offers to treat a variety of diseases. She served on the Sanford International Board for four years and was elected to the Sanford Health Board of Trustees in January 2021.

Sanford at the Vatican conference

Through the genesis of that relationship, Sanford Health was invited to present at the 2018 International Vatican Conference in Rome.

The conference, “Unite to Cure: How Science, Technology and Twenty First Century Medicine Will Impact Culture and Society,” brought together leaders in health care, science and research from around the world as part of the Cura Foundation conference, which takes place every second is organized. year in Rome. It was the second time Sanford Health presented at the invitation-only event. Dr. Smith is the founder and president of the Kura Foundation.

“That was the beginning of my understanding of what this gem is Sanford Health,” Dr. Smith told Sanford Health News.

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“It was a great opportunity to help learn and share with the world what’s going on in Sioux Falls and the upper Midwest.”

As he explained, there was a mutual focus on fostering innovation and keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of health care.

“We need to figure out how to best serve the people, the patients and the community,” she said. “It was so unique how both philanthropy and Sanford’s operational leadership were working together to give both physicians and patients the tools to achieve more lasting health and cure diseases.”

This relationship helped elevate Sanford’s name to the world stage in research and medicine.

In fact, Sanford Health was awarded the Pontifical Award for Innovation in 2016 for its work within medical innovation exemplified by regenerative medicine, STEM cells and transformative thinking, creativity and ingenuity used to provide quality medical care Was.

Sharing in a mission of health, wellness

With nearly 2 billion Catholics worldwide to help educate, Dr. Smith’s team at the Cura Foundation partnered with the Vatican to help break down and focus the barriers that put religion at odds with science. But don’t come over – especially stem cell therapy.

The ultimate goal is to improve the human condition while providing education. That mission, she said, is consistent with Sanford Health, which includes service to the community and taking health care outside hospital walls to improve lives with prevention.

Dr. Smith’s Philosophy, Approach as Trustee

In addition to a passion for education in regenerative medicine and cellular therapy, Dr. Smith brings medical expertise on board with expertise in urology and general surgery.

Dr. Smith said, “I am meeting and working with great people, smart, with all different experiences that have been brought on board as we understand a little bit more about a different community. “

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Her philosophy as a Trustee is simple and focused on effectively serving patients with high quality care.

“It’s not always black and white in health care,” she said. “It’s about health care, well-being and community and we need to serve patients in all the ways we can.”

About the Board of Trustees

Sanford Health trustees are elected by the full board and currently serve three three-year terms. The Board of Trustees Nominating and Governance Committee is responsible for identifying, evaluating and recommending potential new members based on their qualifications and experience. The trustees represent a wide range of backgrounds with extensive experience in business and finance, health care, technology and the non-profit sector.

The Board of Trustees oversees the health system’s operations, guides the advancement of Sanford’s mission, and oversees the organization’s strategic direction and financial and operational performance.

“I’m just looking forward to growing the board, serving our communities and driving new innovation and healthcare change while improving access in the region and around the world,” said Dr. Smith. “I think it’s really exciting.”

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