TikTok helps expose flaws in the health care system

Oak Park resident Aaron McManus recently exposed the inadequacies of the US health care system, garnering nearly a million views on TikTok in the process. The non-binary father (whose pronoun is “they”) took to the video-sharing service after receiving a $40,000 bill for the removal of a football-sized cancerous tumor — a bill his health insurance provider refused to cover. Refused.

He said of his insurance provider, “I feel like I’m being treated like a customer who’s complaining because I didn’t get enough ketchup on my hamburger.” “It’s really like my life and death.”

McManus, who has stage 4 cancer, didn’t expect the story to go viral when he shared it on TikTok via the account “Aaronwontshutup” but it caught the attention of hundreds of thousands of sympathetic viewers – and eventually the insurance provider Got retreat.

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