Vermont considers bill to protect healthcare workers for reproductive care News | Seven Days

Vermont lawmakers are considering bills to protect health workers who provide fertility and gender-confirming care from legal threats that may arise in other states. Doctors, nurses and support staff worry they could face legal exposure or harassment if they treat patients who travel to Vermont from a growing number of states where services are restricted … Read more

Point32Health taps health inclusion for LGBTQ+ care

After traditionally offering virtual care and navigation services to employers, Incorporated Health is now moving into the health plan arena. The LGBTQ+ community teams up with Point32Health to serve its commercial members in companies announced Wednesday. based in san francisco Incorporated Health Provides patients with access to virtual and in-person urgent care, primary care, behavioral … Read more

CommonSpirit Health CEO at JPM: Some providers will be commodities

Wright Lassiter III, who was named CEO of CommonSpirit Health last April, outlined his vision for reviving his massive nonprofit’s finances at a JPMorgan healthcare conference on Monday. The convention returns to San Francisco after a two-year pandemic break and feels bursting as usual. Cracking a few jokes, Lassiter acknowledged he’s not here to take … Read more

Can Data Solve the Behavioral Health Outcomes Inequality Dilemma?

Nearly twenty years ago, the Institute of Medicine (now the National Academy of Medicine) published “Unequal Treatment: Confronting Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care.” In this landmark report, NAM noted that “a large body of published research suggests that racial and ethnic minorities experience lower quality of health services and are also less likely … Read more

Health equality is everyone’s business; Success requires community voice and a strategy rooted in data

Health equity affects all of us directly or indirectly and a lack of equity can push us into financial trouble. Health equity is a fair and just opportunity for everyone to achieve their full potential in all aspects of health and well-being. Health disparities cost us $320 billion a year. If we do not change … Read more

Healthcare Access and Equity: Women’s Health and Technology Hold the Keys

While the quality of US health care and patient outcomes have generally increased over time, access to care – and thus to positive patient outcomes – is not the same for all people. Overall, one in 10 Americans does not have health insurance, the result of a system crumbling under the weight of high costs … Read more

Tabooing With Telehealth: Is the Wimpro Model the Future of Men’s Healthcare?

Men aren’t going to their doctors, and it’s killing them. According to a survey of American men, 65% of men avoid seeking medical advice, with 37% actively withholding information from their doctors. According to the World Health Organization, this is one of the main reasons that men suffer disproportionately from preventable health conditions, and die … Read more

Digital Equity as a Social Determinant of Health – 3 Ways to Empower Patients

Social determinants of health refer to the conditions in the environment where a person is born, lives, works, plays and worships. These conditions have a direct impact on a person’s health, functioning and quality of life. In view of the recent pandemic, there has been an increased need to meet people where they are and … Read more

A travel health record can improve patient outcomes and reduce health concerns during travel

New data shows that 28% of Americans have become ill or injured while on vacation. Illness and injury during travel are one of the worst-case scenarios because, beyond ruining our plans, we are away from our medical team, and possibly even from the comfort of family, friends or co-workers who can help. If the disease … Read more

Health tech innovation: how to advance data security to support healthcare accessibility

The digital modernization of healthcare across patient, staff, doctors and technologies is challenging the skills and capability of safety teams on a scale not seen in the past. In July this year in the US, there were 66 data breaches of 500 or more exposed records reported to the Office of Civil Rights of the … Read more