Tackling new challenges for digital transformation

Am J Manage Care. 2023;29(1):17-18. https://doi.org/10.37765/ajmc.2023.89299 , in the last 12 years that The American Journal of Managed Care Since the publication of the annual Health Information Technology Special Issue, the landscape of digital health has changed dramatically. Although the march of technological progress came slowly for health care organizations, 2 events prompted seismic changes. … Read more

ONC Data Brief Charts Impressive Growth in Healthcare Interoperability

According to a report by the HHS Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC), since 2017, the number of hospitals improving their EHR platforms specifically to share data from outside sources has more than doubled. The number of hospitals improving their technology base to promote interoperability has more than doubled over the past … Read more

Conference to address key issues affecting the health sector

Three former federal secretaries of health headed the marquee for “The Business of Health Care: Managing Through Uncertainty” conference at the University of Miami. The Secretary will join industry executives and experts for a day that will include three formal sessions and several networking opportunities to address key issues affecting the health sector. Conference coordinator … Read more

Benefits and risks of personal medical monitoring on the Internet

Blood glucose control system with the help of a smartphone and a meter attached to the skin. Ute Grabowski | Phototheque | Getty Images The Internet of Things continues to grow to remotely monitor and manage common health problems, led by diabetes patients. About one out of every 10 Americans, or 37 million people, are … Read more

Getting Under Your Skin for Better Health

The next frontier of continuous health monitoring may go much deeper. Biomedical engineers at the University of Cincinnati say that interstitial fluid, the watery fluid found between and around cells, tissues or organs in the body, may provide an excellent medium for early disease diagnosis or long-term health monitoring. In a paper published in the … Read more

Henry Ford Health nephrologist-led study evaluates and validates vascular monitoring technology

Research led by Henry Ford Health’s Lalathaksh Kumber, MD, evaluated and validated a remote access monitoring technique that can predict vascular access blockages in dialysis patients. Single-centre prospective validation study published in The Journal of Vascular Access reviewed the Vask-Alert technique and concluded that it was a “reliable and efficient tool” for predicting which patients … Read more

Largest, busiest conference for health care investors held amid fears of a bubble bursting

At the JPMorgan annual healthcare conference, there were as many words about profit as about patients. This article was published in Kaiser Health News on January 17, 2023, By darius tahir SAN FRANCISCO — The business class of healthcare returned to its San Francisco sanctuary last week for JP Morgan’s annual Healthcare Confab at the … Read more

Solving the financial burden of health care amid economic uncertainty

Leaders look to software for solutions that can lead to better patient care. Current financial pressures such as rising inflation, decreasing reimbursement, and increased supply and labor costs are affecting budgetary strategies in the health care industry. As health care organizations evaluate new cost-containment measures, evidence shows that investment in software is accelerating and will … Read more

Aging can be reversed in mice. Are people next?

CNN , In Boston laboratories, old, blind mice have regained their sight, developed smarter, younger brains and built up healthy muscle and kidney tissue. On the other hand, young mice age prematurely, with devastating consequences for nearly every tissue in their bodies. experiments show that aging is a The reversible process, capable of being driven … Read more

Opinion: How much money the big tech move in healthcare could cost you

CES 2023 marked a “return to normal” for the annual tech event. With over 100,000 returning to Las Vegas, it felt like the old CES, but for health care and digital health technology, it was everything new. While many megatrends headlined this year’s show, including automotive, devices and the metaverse, it was the health-focused technologies … Read more