Pioneering Pediatric Efforts in Cottage Health

Pediatrician Miriam Parsa begins work as Chief Pediatric Officer

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Cottage Children’s Medical Center is based at the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. Dr Maryam Parsa, the new Chief Pediatric Officer for Cottage Health, said she sees her responsibility as continuing that of her predecessor, Dr Steve Barkley: “to deliver excellent, high-quality, evidence-based health care locally providing care.”

Inspired by her young patients, Dr. Miriam Parsa is excited about her new job as Chief Pediatric Medical Officer for Home Health.

“I’m certainly humbled by this responsibility,” Dr. Parsa told the news-press. “I am still in clinical practice. So I am part time CPMO and part time pediatrician.

“It’s really important to have a really good understanding of how the program works and what our needs are,” he said. “I really feel that the work that we are doing here in our small town seems no small to the potential that we have. I am humbled and proud to represent my pediatric colleagues. I am certain I deeply feel the weight of this responsibility.

“My predecessor, Dr. Steve Barclay, had a vision to expand pediatricians locally. They started a movement for high-quality care locally so that people didn’t have to travel,” said Dr. Parsa.

“There aren’t a lot of pediatricians in the county,” she continued. “Cottage brought me in from L.A. because there were no pediatricians in the tri-county area. They brought me in eight years ago because they recognized a need. I think that says a lot about their commitment to pediatrics.” Is.

Dr Maryam Parsa said she is inspired by her colleagues and patients every day.

Dr. Parsa joined the medical staff of Cottage Health and Cottage Children’s Medical Center in 2013 and is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Rheumatology.

He received his medical degree from Albany Medical Center in New York and completed his medical internship, residency and fellowship at UCLA. He also earned a Master of Public Health degree from Yale University.

The News-Press asked Dr. Parsa how his career has prepared him for this opportunity.

“I think part of it is my personality. I get involved in problems when I feel I can make a difference and be part of the solution. And have been in the workforce. When I find meaning in work, work doesn’t seem to mind.

“I like to be part of a solution or a path to a solution. That’s who I am. Pediatric rheumatology is a collaborative field. A patient in my field may need multiple specialists. Collaboration is inherent in my field. I don’t think I know everything. I want to involve experts for the best possible result.”

Dr. Parsa talked about his duties as the Chief Pediatric Officer.

“I think overall it continues what Dr. Barclay started: providing excellent, high-quality, evidence-based health care locally. There has to be a strategy. I’m responsible for participating in. From making sure we have all the specialists we need to making sure we have all the outreach clinics we need in the city.

“We plan to add additional clinics in the future so that we can provide local care,” said Dr. Parsa. “We are using telehealth in an up-to-date way to care for our patients. I really appreciate the patient-centered staff who are focused on how we can make this work for our community.

“We also recently started a pediatric residency program, so that’s a big part of my role: making sure we have all the educational opportunities to provide the most comprehensive educational experience possible for them.”

The News-Press asked Dr. Parsa about his goals.

“I would say that I really want to focus on synergy within pediatrics. I want to focus on making this a truly pediatric-focused program with our various partners.”

Dr. Parsa said that she loves pediatrics in general and pediatric rheumatology in particular. “I felt that this CPMO opportunity would allow me to have an even greater opportunity to reach patients.

“The ability and resilience of children to heal is amazing. I am inspired and amazed everyday that I am at the clinic,” she said.

Pediatrics was not the only field in which Dr. Parsa envisioned to work.

“I thought I wanted to do women’s health and geriatrics,” Dr. Parsa said. “However, I could not shake the feeling when I stepped onto the floor of the kids, maybe it was the colorful decorations and balloons, and the kids with their cars. I would be able to practice medicine, help them, and enjoy that.” Will be able to feel

“My father advised me; He is a retired nephrologist (kidney doctor). He said, ‘Mary, do you want a new patient to come into the clinic with a small chart or a large chart?’ I think it’s such a privilege to watch kids grow up and be a part of their lives. It was hands down, no question, I’m a pediatrician.

“The true love of my life is my family. I am inspired by my colleagues and patients every day, but my true love is my family: my husband, my two boys and my parents who have been my inspiration.

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