How is your health? Kenosha County residents encouraged to take the online Community Health Assessment

Kenosha County’s overall community health assessment is now underway, and residents can participate in an online survey, Health Officer Jen Freiheit announced Friday.

Kenosha County Thrive is a community-led effort to assess the health needs of the county, Freiheit said.

The Community Health Improvement Plan is supported by Kenosha County, Aurora Health Care and Frodeert South.

Freiheit said the online assessment, which takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete and will be open for four weeks, is critical in gathering data to inform the plan. The survey is available at

“It is important for residents to take this survey because it provides us with direct, local input on how we can move forward as a public health department and as members of our community

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Kenosha County is a healthy place to live,” Freiheit said. “Your feedback will help us understand what we can do locally to make a positive difference.”

As an incentive to participate in the survey, Kenosha County Public Health is offering 10, $100 Visa gift cards to those who complete the questionnaire. Those who reach the end of the survey will be redirected to an unlinked site to enter the drawing, as their responses to the survey questions will remain anonymous.

In addition to the online survey, Kenosha County Public Health collected community health improvement plan data from community conversations that were conducted earlier in the year and through the County Health Ranking and Roadmap Report, which is used to rank each county by severity. Analyzes multiple data sources and variables for Wisconsin and the United States in several categories.

Kenosha County Board of Health President Dr. Diane Gerlach said the survey is an important tool for improving the health of the community.

“The survey’s findings are invaluable for government, non-profit health systems, service and volunteer organizations in Kenosha County to develop plans to meet community health needs and improve services,” Gerlach said.

Once the online assessment closes in four weeks, Kenosha County will assess the results and begin the process of creating a new community health improvement plan in early 2023.

The survey is for anyone living in Kenosha County, and is not one per household. Each resident can fill one out on their own, including high school students.

For more information about the evaluation and community health improvement planning process, send an email to [email protected]


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