Health professional in transportation releases new smartphone face-scanning application aimed at uncovering potentially serious health concerns in drivers

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scheduled tribe. George, Utah, January 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Health in Transportation, a health and wellness solutions provider for the transportation industry, released a revolutionary preventive health tool for drivers called the CDL Health Scanner.

Accessed via a specific URL on a smartphone, CDL Health Scanner’s proprietary technology uses the smartphone camera to scan a person’s face and analyze vital signs. This unique, driver-centered system utilizes Neurologics’ revolutionary technology called Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI)™, which uses a conventional video camera to extract blood flow information from the face. Risk factors for high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes and more are revealed to the individual user on an easy-to-interpret results page.

“It’s an exciting day for the transport industry,” said bob perry, President of Health in Transportation. “For less than the cost of a few coffee drinks, this new smartphone app will provide drivers with health information, potentially saving thousands of driving careers. Our partnership with NuraLogix aims to directly impact the driver shortage and help America Dedicated to bringing innovative solutions. Professional drivers are on the road instead of being sidelined due to ill health.”

This new, confidential CDL health scanner was developed specifically for the safety of drivers. The transportation industry is facing a shortage of around 80,000 drivers each year – with the fact that putting a new driver behind the wheel often involves a five-figure expense for a carrier – with thousands of skilled drivers disqualified from driving each month. Bad health consequences happen.

The CDL Health Scanner not only alerts drivers to potentially serious health concerns, it also provides driver-focused health education and guides them to resources that can assist with lifestyle changes. Often, drivers are completely unaware of some of these underlying medical conditions, and the CDL Health Scanner aims to bring awareness to these important metrics. The app provides assistance for drivers who may be at risk by providing them with the nearest location of one of the six thousand Higi health check stations.

The CDL Health Scanner can be purchased by visiting

About health in transport
Health in Transportation (HIT) provides innovative and practical health and wellness solutions for professional drivers in trucking and mass transit. For nearly forty years, his programs have helped thousands of drivers avoid medical disqualifications with unique coaching mechanisms that drivers can use while on the road. Known as ‘The Trucker Trainer’ by professional drivers nationwide, bob perry, President of HIT, brings a very unique perspective to the issue of driver health and life expectancy. He comes from a family of professional drivers and has spent decades working on driver health initiatives.

About NuraLogix
NuraLogix is torontoPioneering the world’s first contactless blood pressure and vital signs measurement solution. NuraLogix uses its patented Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI™) technology which uses a conventional video camera to extract information on facial blood flow. This technology is a development of extensive peer-reviewed research and clinical studies, which is what sets NuraLogix apart from their competitors. NuraLogix has conducted numerous clinical studies and published several research papers in notable scientific publications such as Frontiers in Psychology, Scientific Reports, And this natural science journal (JNS). To date the company has been issued 13 US patents with additional patents pending. Visit their website at

For inquiries regarding Anura™ and NuraLogix technology, service and products please contact Chris Lynn, Chief Marketing Officer, [email protected]; For inquiries regarding the CDL Health scanner and the products and services provided by Health in Transportation, please contact bob perryPresident of Health in Transportation, [email protected]

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