Firefly Health Welcomes Former Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Karen Polito to Its Advisory Council

Watertown, Mass.–(business telegram)–Firefly Health — a health plan and virtual-first care innovator — today announced the Honorable Karyn Polito, former Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, as a new member of the Firefly Advisory Council. She joins individuals such as Brian Marcotte, former president and CEO of the Business Group on Health. The Advisory Council is a group of professionals with extensive knowledge from the world of Healthcare Benefits, Brokers/Consultants, Employers, Government, Business, and those we serve – all to provide outside guidance for the benefit of Firefly Brought together are its users, products and growth strategy. Polito’s experience in managing public health, including leading the Commonwealth through the COVID-19 pandemic and her extensive network in the state of Massachusetts, brings essential expertise as Firefly expands its benefit offerings and partnerships throughout the Commonwealth .

“Caron Polito has spent more than two decades serving the state of Massachusetts, giving a voice to underrepresented people and places, focusing on providing access and opportunity across the state. We are honored to welcome him to the Firefly Advisory Council,” said Fay Rotenberg, CEO of Firefly Health. “His commitment to improvement and innovation aligns with our mission to transform healthcare in a way that Fully harnessing technology leads to patient care.”

Polito served as 72Ra Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from January 2015 to January 2023, in partnership with Governor Charlie Baker. During her eight years in service, the Baker-Polito Administration pushed forward major health care programs, introducing comprehensive health care legislation to strengthen the Commonwealth’s health care system by increasing access to care and controlling costs for families. The administration supported legislation to increase access to primary care services while supporting the continued work of community hospitals and community health centers, and to hold drug companies accountable for excessive prices and lack of transparency. Her work with healthcare providers and professionals to improve behavioral health services resulted in the Roadmap for Behavioral Health Reform – which identified demands for expanded access to treatment, more effective treatment, and improved health equity provided treatment.

“Firefly Health shares my passion for improving access, quality, and affordability, and I’m excited to work with an organization that meets people where they live in the aftermath of the pandemic,” said Karen Polito. adapted to life.” “As I continue my service beyond my time as lieutenant governor, I look forward to strengthening my existing relationships with exceptional leaders who are invested in their communities and new partnerships with innovators like the Firefly team who are working to address key issues here in Massachusetts. and in locations across the country.

Polito’s partnership follows Firefly Health’s earlier announcement of a partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (Blue Cross MA) as the company’s new virtual primary care option, available to members in the state through their health plan. Firefly makes a choice to access care options. Blue Cross MA is the trusted health plan provider in Massachusetts’ cities and school districts – with 79% of municipalities statewide using Blue Cross.

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