Evers declares 2023 the ‘Year of Mental Health’ in the State of the Union

Madison – Gov. Tony Evers announced in his annual State of the Union address Tuesday that he will seek hundreds of millions of dollars for mental health services for Wisconsinites, especially children who have spent the past three years navigating the coronavirus pandemic — through 2023. Proclamation of the “Year of Mental Health.”

In a primetime televised speech, Evers pledged with Republican lawmakers to provide more tax relief and increased funding for local government services, and billions in new funding for classrooms and programs aimed at recruiting more teachers. called upon.

“We also know that if we want our children to engage and achieve at their highest potential, we need to reduce and keep class sizes small. Schools need to retain experienced teachers and recruit new, talented Resources are needed to get people involved in our classes.” Evers said. “We also have to work on connecting our kids over the years. We all want to improve outcomes and ensure that our children are prepared for success. And I am confident that together we will do this.”

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