eFamilyCare Announces Results of Caregiver Pilot Program with Northwell Health, Provides Integrated Care Support to Healthcare Enterprise’s Employee Base

Scarsdale, NY–(business telegram)–eFamilyCare, the industry-leading digital platform solely focused on supporting family caregivers through technology and professional care advisors, today announced Northwell Health, New York State’s largest health care provider and private employer announced the results of its three-month pilot program with In the first three months of the program, thousands of employees from Northwell Health’s various Business Enterprise Resource Groups (BERGs) gained exclusive access to professional care advisors through eFamilyCare’s mobile-first platform, providing employees with long-term support as they navigate through the many stages of life. family care.

“We are thrilled with the participation and engagement of our barge members with eFamilyCare,” said Pat Flynn, assistant vice president of employee wellness/employee and family support at Northwell Health. “In conducting internal research of our more than 80,000 employees, it was clear that the pandemic has exacerbated the extreme effects of burnout and stress on health care workers. Combined with the stress many of those same employees face while they go home and take care of their own families – it doesn’t take long to see that we are beyond the breaking point. By collaborating with eFamilyCare, our organization is offering an innovative and trusted network of support so that our employees have the right resources and advice while caring for their loved ones, helping them focus on patient care and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

The role of family caregiver now falls to one in five Americans, according to a study by the National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC) and AARP. The study also revealed that family caregivers themselves have seen an increase in illness and disability compared to five years ago, especially as the demand for care increases with the growing caregiver population.

Survey results from the eFamilyCare pilot program with Northwell Health indicate that participants were highly satisfied, with an average satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5. Additional survey results from the pilot program indicate that:

  • 70% of caregivers indicated high levels of stress at the start of the pilot; Within 3 months, 57% indicated a reduction in stress;

  • 100% of enrolled participants felt that their care advisor was responsive to their needs;

  • 65% of caregivers felt less stressed and more organized with access to eFamilyCare app tools and its care advisors.

Valerie Berger, RN, MA, MS, and assistant vice president of Cancer Service Line at Northwell Health, said, “My elderly parents had settled in with me, and as a nurse, you’d think it would be easier to provide care, But it’s very different when it’s your own family. Having them in my home put new strains on my marriage and overall social life. eFamilyCare is easy to use, it’s accessible when I need it, and my The care advisor asked me good questions, which helped ground me in giving unbiased feedback. I can say things to the care advisor that I can’t say to people I know.”

Claudia Fine, LCSW, MPH, Chief Professional Officer at eFamilyCare, said, “Northwell Health is a leading health care provider that is ideally positioned to understand that family care is a critical component of ensuring patient safety and well-being. Is.” “The organization recognized that their own employees were struggling to meet the needs of their family members, who have health problems and disabilities, as well as meeting work responsibilities. Thrilled to work with them to provide even better support.

With the completion of the pilot program, Northwell Health and eFamilyCare have decided to continue their collaboration so that more Northwell employees can benefit from the eFamilyCare platform.

Eric Racko, MD, CEO of eFamilyCare, said, “We are pleased to expand our relationship with Northwell, a renowned institution in the Northeast that embraces innovation and strives to provide human-centered, easily accessible support to its employees. recognizes the importance of.”

For more information about eFamilyCare, visit www.efamilycare.com.

About eFamilyCare

eFamilyCare is an online family care service that connects you with dedicated expert care counselors to help you care for your loved ones. Care counselors help create an individualized plan that provides ongoing support for the family’s care. eFamilyCare co-founder, Dr. Eric Racko (former president of NYU Hospitals Center), saw firsthand the need to better support family caregivers of patients who experience unnecessary frequent hospitalizations. Was doing. His insights led him to develop a unique model of complex chronic care management and homecare solutions nationwide. His story, like the other founders of eFamilyCare, helped build the industry-leading platform to connect family caregivers with medical experts anytime, anywhere. For more information about eFamilyCare, visit https://efamilycare.com/.

About Northwell Health

Northwell Health is New York State’s largest health care provider and private employer with 21 hospitals, approximately 900 outpatient facilities and more than 12,000 affiliated physicians. We care for more than two million people annually in the New York metro area and beyond, thanks to philanthropic support from our communities. Our 83,000 employees – 18,900 nurses and 4,900 employed physicians, including Northwell Health Physician Partners members – are working to make health care better. We at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research are making breakthroughs in medicine. We’re training the next generation of medical professionals at Hofstra/Northwell’s visionary Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine and the Hofstra Northwell School of Nursing and Physician Assistant Studies. For information on our more than 100 medical specialties, visit Northwell.edu and follow us on Facebook at @NorthwellHealth, TwitterInstagram and LinkedIn.

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