Dover NH 6-part plan for better mental health unveiled

DOVER — Suzanne Veete is a leader for Community Partners, and she describes herself as a mom who got involved because she saw an issue with mental health.

“As a mother, I am passionate about my children,” she said. “So if I didn’t know the risks and warning signs, how can I expect anyone else to? We need to educate everyone. I’m talking to kids’ peers, teachers, professors, business owners and other parents.” Want to teach fathers to recognize emotional distress.” And to know what to do to help. If you see someone who has a broken arm, or who is having a heart attack, you will help. It’s the same thing.”

Vete was part of a panel discussion at Dover High School on Saturday. The topic was the draft report of the Dover Mental Health Alliance Task Force with six objectives and over 100 initiatives to address mental health with a community-wide approach.

Vete talked about personal responsibility and the need for everyone to involve themselves and help change the culture and stigma surrounding mental health.

Saturday’s panel was moderated by Laura Noy, known for her long career with New Hampshire Public Radio. The panel included Vette, community education and engagement managers with community partners; Christopher Kozak, CEO of Community Partners, Christine Boston, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services with the Dover School District, and Dover Police Chief William Brecault. Max Latona, director of the Center for Ethics in Society, was with the center’s Anna Gendron and Hannah Beaudry, director of the Center for Ethics in Society at Saint Anselm College.

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