Conversations about the impact of hip-hop and opioids on communities

Music is a common language: it’s healing, it’s light, it’s love, and even when you don’t understand the lyrics or the words, the beat and energy of a song can connect you to others in ways that you don’t expect.

In this regard, people from all different backgrounds grew up listening to the same songs, but lived different lives and experienced different outcomes.

The topic was discussed at the Hip-Hop Health Summit held on November 25 at the DCU Center. The event included two panels that addressed issues faced in communities by raising these two questions: “How does hip-hop affect opioid use?” and “How does hip-hop affect family relationships?”

Event producer, Cedric Arno, producer and host of the show, “Music Mania Télévisions,” describes himself as a “hip-hop addict” because of his love of hip-hop, and what a huge influence it has had on his life. With this event, funded by the Worcester Arts Council, Arno wanted, “to use hip-hop as a bridge for education and entertainment.” Arno intends to create more awareness programs in Worcester and Boston.

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