Cascade Health Alliance Partners with Valera Health to Bring Virtual Behavioral Healthcare to Oregonians

Valera Health’s platform addresses the growing need for access to quality, affordable mental health services

New York, January 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Valera HealthWebMD, a telebehavioral health service providing personalized team-based clinical care, has partnered with the Cascade Health Alliance (CHA) to expand people’s access to high-quality virtual behavioral health services. Oregon,

Starting today, Valera’s technology-driven mental health services will be made available to CHA patients, serving thousands of patients. Klamath County Access to licensed therapists, nurse practitioners, case managers, and psychotherapists. The partnership leverages CHA’s deep community ties to outcomes-based care and Valera’s measurement-based virtual delivery model, offering mental care treatment across all levels of care, including severe mental illness (SMI).

“We are excited about our partnership with Valera Health, which will result in increased health equity and health access among our members. People will be able to access quality behavioral health care from virtually anywhere,” he says. tayo akinsCEO, Cascade Health Alliance.

Cascade Health Alliance, Inc. is a health care management company based in Klamath Falls, Oregon, The Cascade Health Alliance (CHA) was founded in 1992 to create access to health care Klamath County Residents. CHA brings together local health care providers to provide quality services efficiently and effectively. CHAs are owned by local health care providers, including primary care physicians, specialists, and other health care organizations. The initial rollout of the partnership will serve CHA members through Oregon Health Plan, the state’s Medicaid plan.

“A growing need for quality virtual healthcare has developed following the pandemic and rising rates of depression and anxiety among adults, children and adolescents. We strive to meet this need by providing affordable and quality-driven virtual care and mental health support Have done.” CEO and co-founder of Valera Health, Dr. thomas tsang, “We are excited to partner with Cascade Health Alliance to provide comprehensive virtual mental health services and expand needed access to care Oregon,

With a team-based care model that includes licensed physicians, nurse practitioners, case managers and psychiatrists, Valera Health breaks down barriers of access and improves patients’ mental health by focusing on outcomes and using a value-based model gives priority. Valera’s Virtual Mental Health Services provides personalized services to everyone in need of mental health care, including culturally informed care in rural and urban communities, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities. Valera currently covers over 50 million lives through partnerships with over 20 health plans across ten states. The company will be expanding to additional states in the coming months.

About Valera Health

Valera Health is a high-performing mental health company that provides comprehensive longitudinal service using a team-based care model of coaches, therapists and medication prescribers enhanced by proprietary digital technology and analytics. From meditation to therapy and medications, patients with mild depression to severe schizophrenia are treated with expert care. The focus on quality has resulted in high HEDIS scores and significant results. For more information visit:

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About Cascade Health Alliance

Cascade Health Alliance (CHA) is a health care management company based in Klamath Falls, Oregon, The CHA was established in 1992 to improve health care access, delivery and outcomes by local health care providers including primary care and specialist physicians and other health organizations. Klamath County Residents. CA Operates Klamath County The coordinated care organization, Cascade Health Alliance, through a contract with the Oregon Health Authority. The Cascade Health Alliance (CHA) serves approximately 18,000 members through the Oregon Health Plan, the state’s Medicaid plan. learn more on (541) 883-2947 or go online at

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