AllHealth Networks Selects Elios Health to Deliver In-Session Automation, Reduce Clinician Burden and Improve Care

  • This partnership provides voice-based augmented intelligence that reduces administrative workload for providers, giving them more face-to-face time with customers.
  • Eleos’ augmented intelligence allows providers to focus on clients, reduce the burden of administrative note-taking, and reduce physician documentation work by more than 30%.

boston And Denver, November 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Elios HealthAnnounces Partnership with CareOps, a Leader in Behavioral Health Automation AllHealth NetworkA non-profit mental health organization, to provide its frontline team with augmented intelligence tools that will reduce administrative workload and empower them to focus on supreme customer care.

AllHealth is a leading behavioral healthcare organization in India Colorado, with services including counseling, psychotherapy, crisis support, and substance use treatment. The organization is dedicated to using the latest technology to achieve its vision of being the most impactful growth and recovery provider for the communities that need them most.

In addition to reducing the day-to-day burden for providers, Elios will help ensure that care is based on evidence-based approaches. Using Elios can increase the average number of evidence-based techniques used per session by more than 30%, per provider, through objective session feedback and conversational transparency.

Eleos does this by turning behavioral health conversations into progress note documentation and session intelligence, enabling providers to better support client development.

“The support of our clinical team is essential to providing high-quality customer care for those seeking the support they need on their path to recovery,” said bill heinrich, President and CEO, AllHealth Network. “Implementing Eleos will help reduce the amount of stress caused by physicians losing a large percentage of time to administrative work, while improving the impact on client care through increased use of evidence-based techniques “

AllHealth is also committed to addressing systemic injustices and accepting its responsibility in dismantling systems of oppression by creating an inclusive employee environment and a brave space focused on culturally responsive care. Through the use of Elios, AllHealth Network is able to take another step toward that brave space, and entire communities will have more time to devote to counseling, psychotherapy, substance use treatment, and crisis services. south denver for over 18,000 people.

“AllHealth Networks delivers impactful care and services to those in the community who need it most,” said alon joffe, co-founder and CEO of Elios Health. “It is partnerships like this where the potential of Elios can make a big impact, increasing the time people in crisis spend with their physicians and providing physicians with the tools they need to focus on the well-being of their clients. it occurs.”

Elios comprehensively captures the key content of sessions in real time, helping freed-up therapists fully engage with their clients. Elios can autonomously show how clinical interventions such as cognitive behavioral therapy are used in sessions, identify keywords, themes and moments, therapists report listening time versus talking time, And help measure the customer improvement rate.

About Elios Health

Established in 2020, Elios Health Transforms behavioral health conversations into documentation and intelligence that drive better care. Using proprietary, voice-based natural language understanding (NLU) technology built by clinical experts to accurately interpret, analyze, and document behavioral health conversations. Eleos reduces the operational burden on providers while unlocking evidence-based care and objective insights into the therapeutic alliance. Leadership teams can scale supervision and training while gaining unprecedented visibility into population health, along with staff activity, caseload and performance. Eleos is the only technology of its kind that embeds seamlessly into electronic health records (EHRs), telehealth tools, and existing provider workflows. With Eleos CareOps Automation, behavioral health providers are setting a new standard for care.

About AllHealth Network

AllHealth Network is a non-profit healthcare organization providing a full spectrum of behavioral health care to more than 18,000 children, adults, families and couples in 11 unique settings. Behavioral health services include counseling, psychiatry, crisis services, substance use treatment, an adult acute treatment unit, services within and for the criminal justice system (including law enforcement partners), vocational and social rehabilitation, school-based counseling, and an on-site Site included. pharmacy. for more information.

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