Adena Health System Restructuring for a Strong Future Amidst Nationwide Challenges

How do retailers react when faced with higher costs? They reduce expenses. They innovate. They raise prices.

We take many of the same steps in health care. However, unlike your favorite coffee shop or restaurant, we can’t raise prices just by updating our menu board. This is because the rates we receive are determined by government agencies, as well as the rates negotiated with insurers. In many cases, and especially now, those rates are fixed and do not cover the rising cost of care.

More information: Adena Health System announces layoffs, transfers employees to another company

Today, health care systems across the country are facing challenges like never before. In addition to the imbalance between patient care costs and reimbursement rates, health care systems are faced with rising labor costs, staff shortages – particularly nursing – and dramatic supply chain cost increases.

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